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Technical Help For Webmasters

We have prepared this help document for advanced users and webmasters.

Adding your users' DoppelMes to your website/forum etc.
To integrate DoppelMes on your site you will need your users to supply their DoppelMe Key. This key looks something like: DM51237ABC

You can then add their DoppelMe (e.g. to a profile page or against their forum posts) by including an image link which is looks like:
<img src="">

Customising user DoppelMes to suit your site.
You can change the image format, size, background colour and even crop users' DoppelMes so that they fit in with your site. This is done by supplying additional parameters to your image code (see Table 1 in the appendix below for full list of available parameters).

examples may look like:
<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src="">
or even a combination of the above:
<img src="">

Adding your DoppelMe Groups
DoppelMe Groups are avatars that depict more than 1 person in a single image. These can be useful for families, friends, communities and guilds etc. DoppelMe Group keys are similar to the single user key except they are prefixed by DG rather than DM. e.g.DG51237XYZ

To integrate DoppelMe Groups in your website, you will need your users to supply their Group Key (which is different from their DoppelMe Key) and, as above, create HTML similar to the example below:
<img src="">

Custom items and themes for your users
We can supply some themed items for specific users. Just contact us with details of your site and the sort of theme you are looking for. We can then provide you with a code that you can give to your users which will allow them access to the custom DoppelMe items.

Customised DoppelMes for your site
We can provide some customisation specific to any DoppelMes that are shown on your site. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

Creating larger groups
If you would like to support large group pictures (perhaps for a school-class, conference delegates or work team? or how about creating a group for your website moderators/admins?) then we can set-this up for you with very little effort on your half. Please contact us for more details with as much information about your requirements as you can.

Technical details about DoppelMe Keys
DoppelMe Keys (and keys for DoppelMe Groups) consist only of alphanumeric characters (0-9,A-Z) and have a maximum length of 20 characters.

Linking back to DoppelMe
Your users might find it helpful if there was a link back to so that they can update their image easily, however there is no obligation to do so.
<a href="" title="get your dynamic avatar here">get your dynamic avatar</a>

My webhost/blog etc doesnt allow me to have special characters like "?" in the image URL
That's no problem. DoppelMe also supports passing in parameters in an alternative format. Just put them as part of the image path. Cropped DoppelMe
<img src="">
Setting the width to 50 as part of the URL
<img src="">
Setting the background colour (CCDDFF) and the width (50)
<img src="">

Can I have transparent backgrounds
DoppelMe supports transparent backgrounds on PNG images by just specifying the colour as "TRANSPARENT"
<img src="">
<img src="">


widthThe width of image in pixels (minimum 16, maximum 100).
The height of the DoppelMe will be twice that of the width (unless "cropped" - see below).
If parameter is not supplied the width defaults to 100 pixels
cropIf crop=y parameter is supplied then the DoppelMe image is cropped into a square, centred on the face. Note that any width parameter sets the width (and also height) of the image. If this parameter is not supplied, the default is for no cropping.
backgroundBy default, DoppelMes are on a white background. You can change this by supplying a 6 character RGB hexadecimal colour as shown in the example above.
Table 1. customisation query string parameters

heightThe height of the image in pixels (minimum 16, maximum 200).
The width depends upon the number of avatars within the group and will be scaled according to the given height.
If this parameter is not supplied, the height is fixed at 200 pixels
backgroundBy default, DoppelMes are on a white background. You can change this by supplying a 6 character RGB hexadecimal colour as shown in the example above.
Table 2. customisation parameters for DoppelMe Groups