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The SOAP API Interface

List of API Methods

  1. ActivateDoppelMeAccount
    Actives a partner user account so that the user can also access his avatars directly via the DoppelMe website. This is useful if the user wishes to use his DoppelMe account on other sites, email signatures etc. An email is sent to the supplied email address with details of how to login to the DoppelMe website.
  2. AddDoppelMe
    Creates an additional DoppelMe avatar for a user.
  3. AddDoppelMesToGroup
    Add DoppelMe Keys (of the form DM123456ABC) to a users group. To allow children, specify DM123456ABCchild. Any existing group data is retained with the new DoppelMes appended on the end.
  4. AddInvites
    Records a list of partner user ids that this person has invited. The invite_ids can be a single or a comma delimited list of invited user ids. The invites list is used to manage referrals.
  5. AssignPartnerUserID
    Assigns a partner user id to an existing doppelme account if that account is not already associated with a user id for this partner.
  6. CreateDoppelMeAccount
    Creates a new DoppelMe account and assigns a partners user id (partner_user_id) to that account. A referral id may be assigned. An blank avatar with the name doppelme_name is also created under that account.
  7. CreateDoppelMeGroup
    Create a DoppelMeGroup given a list of doppelme_keys. DoppelMe keys should be of the form DM123456ABC. To allow children, specify DM123456ABCchild. Any existing group data is replaced with this new group.
  8. GetDetailsFromPartnerUserID
    Returns DoppelMe details (if they exist), for a given partner user id.
  9. GetDoppelMeGroupDetails
    Returns breakdown of a users doppelme group (if they have one).
  10. GetDoppelMeGroupsForKey
    Returns all DoppelMe Groups and Partner User IDs that this doppelme avatar key (DM123456ABC) is a member of.
  11. RemovePartnerUserID
    Removes associated partner user id from a doppelme account (doppelme account is not deleted).
  12. SetPrimaryDoppelMeKey
    Changes the primary avatar key for this partner site.
  13. Version
    Returns current version of the partner webservice

Common API Parameters

partner_idIntegerPartner identity number
partner_keyStringA unique identification string that is given to new partners. This needs to be supplied with each API call
partner_user_idStringThis is the unique id of your user. Although usually numeric, string identifiers are also acceptable.
is_testBooleanSet to "true" or 1 to allow partners to use the service in test mode. No actions are applied and standard dummy responses are returned. This is useful while testing set-up or for partners waiting for their partner_key to be generated for them.

API Response Strings

All calls to the API return a standard XMl result string which looks like:
        <StatusInfo>All ok</StatusInfo>
	        <DoppelMeName name="name1">DM123456ABC</DoppelMeName>
	        <DoppelMeName name="name2">DM456789XYZ</DoppelMeName>

Explaination of the return code keys
StatusCodeA non-zero status code indicates an error with the api call
StatusInfoIf a non-zero status code is returned, the StatusInfo provides additional information about the error
RegisteredA Y or N flag that indicates whether this user is registered through the DoppelMe site
GroupKey If this user has created a group, this is the key for that group
DoppelMeCoinsIndicates the number of DopplMe Coins this user has
DoppelMeKeyThe "primary" avatar that this user has set up with this Partner. As a partner you should save this key in your own database for your user rather than request it each time via the API
PartnerUserIDThis is the ID that this user has with the partner site.
DoppelMeNamesA list of all the DopplMe avatars that this user has created
ValidationKeyThis is an id that is unique to this user. This id is required when setting up the iframe interface on your website.