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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an avatar?
The term "avatar" is used to describe an icon or virtual representation of a person within cyberspace. Avatars crop up in blogs, forums and other shared communities (e.g. MySpace) on the internet.

What can I use a DoppelMe for?
Your DoppelMe is a great way to express your personality and communicate with others on the internet. This visual online identity puts a friendly face on your internet presence and best of all, you can quickly update it depending on your mood. You are not limited to the internet either and can download your avatar to use in documents, greetings cards, letters...the list is endless.

How much does DoppelMe cost?
Anyone can create a DoppelMe and it is completely free to do so.

Can I have more than one DoppelMe?
Yes you can! All you need to do is sign into your account and follow the instructions to create additional DoppelMes.

How do I create a DoppelMe group?
Once you have signed in, follow the links to view your groups. You can create groups using your own DoppelMes and or those of your friends, family, team, gang, clan etc etc. If you are a webmaster and want to create dynamic groups from your users DoppelMes (e.g. class photos which in which each person is clickable) then please contact us and we will provide you with the required HTML code.

Do I need to register?
Registering allows you to save your DoppelMe online and be able to log in and make changes at any time. This way your avatar is truly dynamic; changes that you make are seen everywhere in cyberspace where your DoppelMe exists. The benefits of registering also include having access to more items with which you can customise your DoppelMe. You are, however, more than welcome to create a DoppelMe and save the image for your own use without the need to register.

I'm a webmaster. How can I allow my users to incorporate their DoppelMes on my site?
It is very simple to add your users avatars to your site or forum. We have prepared some technical help which gives more help to advanced users.

I really wish you had a particular hairstyle/facial expression etc?
We love creating new items for our DoppelMe creations, so please feel free to use the feedback form to make suggestions. We may even be able to do some very specific custom items if you ask nicely.

How can I download my avatar?
Once you have signed in, you will be given information on how to incorporate your DoppelMe in your own webpages as well as details on how to download for adding to documents, printing etc. You can always right-click on your avatar and "save image as.." to download too.

Do you only supply GIF image formats?
No, we supply GIF format by default, but you can also request PNG format just by changing the ".gif" portion of the image URL with ".png". Note that GIF should be used on the web, however you may find that PNG gives a better image in some circumstance (e.g. when downloading onto your mobile phone).

Can you supply high resolution DoppelMes for print?
Yes we can, please contact us for details.