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Adding DoppelMes to your website is straightforward, requiring only a single line of HTML. Avatars can be used on user profile pages or next to noticeboard posts. You could also include them in chat rooms.

If you have a personal webpage, blog or myspace™ area, you can include your avatar there too. And why not try a DoppelMe Group - these are great for creating an image of your friends or family.

Help Integrating
As a webmaster you can also customise the avatar so that it suits your website. You can find more details of how to include and customise avatars on your site with the following resources.

Technical helpTechnical details of how to add and customise DoppelMe avatars on your site.
Integration helpAdvanced integration details for more technical webmasters. Hook into our API and embed the avatar creator/editor tool within your website.
3rd party helpA collection of resources and modules to help you integrate DoppelMe avatars in 3rd party forums etc.

Here are some examples of what you can do with DoppelMes on your site:

Regular DoppelMe

As above but resized

The same DoppelMe but cropped

As above but resized and with a border, making it ideal for an avatar on a forum

A DoppelMe Group (great for showing groups of people - perhaps a family or school class)

However the list is endless. And if you have a special requirement, why not let us know and we'll see if it can be accommodated.

Examples of DoppelMes in the wild...
Below are a few links to site that are using DoppelMe avatars to give you an idea of some possibilities. If you wish your site listed below drop us a line.

Sky A nice use of DoppelMe avatars to introduce you to the Sky web team.
Dell DoppelMe avatars used by the sales-force. Now you know who you are talking to!
WritersRoom A collaborative writing site that integrated DoppelMe avatars into users' profiles.
Facebook A facebook application that allows you to put your DoppelMe avatar on your facebook page.
Warlords of Eluria A fantasy online game that uses the advanced integration to provide DoppelMe avatars throughout their site.
Blood Arena Another online game that has used basic integration to great effect. Also uses the reflection module.
ScamChecker A novel use for DoppelMe avatars!
Where's Waldo Create Where's Waldo avatars!
FavorBuy A novel site where you can trade favours with others around the world.